Finding Dory // Film Review



Finding Dory

Director: Andrew Stanton and Angus MacLane

Released: 2016

Rating: ★★★★✩

When I was 6 I watched Finding Nemo and adored it, it was a childhood classic for me, no doubt as it was for many other people too, with it’s lovable quotable characters and cute storyline. 13 years later, I am now 19 and I have just watched the prequel, Finding Dory. After watching this highly anticipated Disney film I was bound to have a lot of thoughts surrounding this sequel… (they’re mostly all good!!)

With such a successful film as Finding Nemo, the mere mention of a sequel was going to invite a lot of excitement. This was definitely the case with Finding Dory, everyone was excited to see the return of the well-loved characters – however I felt that the hype surrounding this film was too much. Even though part of my brain knew that the sequel would never quite stand up to the original, part of me still wanted to believe that it would. So before everyone yells at me for hating this film I should just clarify: Did Finding Dory go above and beyond my expectations? The short answer: no. Was it a good film? Yes.

If I had to sum up the film in one word, it would be cute. The storyline was adorable and not too complex for a Disney film (unlike Zootropolis which I still believe, for a children’s film, was far too confusing!). It involved Dory trying to improve her memory in order to remember moments from her past so she could be reunited with her family – which of course happens and is a very cute scene!

The film introduced new lovable characters such as: Hank, Destiny, Bailey and the two comedic seals Fluke and Rudder.  All of these characters have their own quirks which in turn makes their moments in the film memorable however I felt like some of these tropes had already been worn. For example: Destiny’s clumsiness and ‘ditsiness’ could be compared to Flo’s daftness in Finding Nemo, moreover even the way in which both of these characters talk was similar, the words spoken in an elongated sickly, sweet drawl. This could also be said of the two seals Fluke and Rudder shouting the phrase ‘OFF!’, is not dissimilar to the seagulls in the original shouting ‘Mine!’, making it seem like these scenes were placed in the film to recreate this sort of joke because they know it’ll be received well. I just found that having similar characters made the sequel obviously look like it was trying to recreate the best bits from Finding Nemo in order to satisfy the audience.

However, I’ve moaned about it enough, the film itself wasn’t bad – at all! The storyline in fact was well thought out and intricate, weaving Dory’s past with her present and leading her to her family. For children (and adults) who haven’t seen Finding Nemo, this film could well enough become a favourite however, for those who loved Nemo – and I think I speak on behalf of most when I say this – this sequel was nowhere near as good as the original. Albeit still a really good film, worth the watch but probably not good to compare it to it’s predecessor! (That way you’ll definitely enjoy it more than I did!)

By Beth Morley


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