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I heard about The Classics Club from reading various blogs and instantly the challenge became something I wanted to do. In terms of Classics, I am not well read at all, which is quite bad coming from an English Lit student. So here begins my challenge:

Start date: 3rd March 2017

End date: 3rd March 2022

I have currently read 8/50

The goal is to read (at least) 50 classics in the space of 5 years and then blog about each book once you have finished it. By blogging about classics it’s such an easy way of  engaging with others who are also part of The Classics Club and reading about other peoples opinions on certain books. It seems like a pretty attainable goal so here’s hoping that I am motivated enough to complete it (I hope so!) The list of books can contain any titles which you personally feel are classics, they can be novels, short stories and novellas; they can also be re-reads, it doesn’t matter if you’ve already read it before just as long as you are willing to read it again then it can be part of the list.

My Classics List:

  1. Adams, Richard, Watership Down 
  2. Angelou, Maya I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (re-read)
  3. Austen, Jane Pride and Prejudice
  4. Atwood, Margaret The Handmaid’s Tale – read 6th June 2017
  5. Bradbury, Ray Fahrenheit 451 – read 10th August 2018
  6. Brontë, Charlotte Jane Eyre
  7. Bukowski, Charles Post Office – read 25th May 2017
  8. Burgess, Anthony A Clockwork Orange
  9. Capote, Truman Breakfast at Tiffany’s – read 14th June 2018
  10. Dickens, Charles A Christmas Carol
  11. Dickens, Charles Great Expectations
  12. Dickens, Charles Oliver Twist
  13. Eliot, George Adam Bede – read 10th April 2017
  14. Faulkner, William As I Lay Dying
  15. Faulks, Sebastian Birdsong
  16. Fitzgerald, F. Scott The Great Gatsby (re-read)
  17. Frank, Anne The Diary of a Young Girl (re-read)
  18. Grahame, Kenneth The Wind in the Willows
  19. Greene, Graham Brighton Rock
  20. Grimm, Jacob The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales
  21. Hardy, Thomas Tess of the D’Urbervilles
  22. Hartley, L.P The Go-Between (re-read)
  23. Heller, Joseph Catch-22
  24. Hemingway, Ernest For Whom the Bell Tolls
  25. Hemingway, Ernest The Old Man and the Sea – read 7th January 2018
  26. Heyer, Georgette Friday’s Child
  27. Joyce, James Ulysses
  28. Kafka, Franz The Trial
  29. Kerouac, Jack On the Road
  30. Kesey, Ken One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  31. Lee, Harper To Kill a Mockingbird (re-read)
  32. Maurier, Daphne du Rebecca (re-read)
  33. Maurier, Daphne du Jamaica Inn
  34. Marlowe, Christopher Dr. Faustus
  35. Melville, Herman Moby Dick
  36. Mitchell, Margaret Gone With the Wind
  37. Morrison, Toni Beloved
  38. Nabokov, Vladimir Lolita
  39. Niland, D’Arcy The Shiralee
  40. Northup, Solomon 12 year’s a Slave
  41. Orwell, George 1984 (re-read)
  42. Orwell, George Animal Farm
  43. Plath, Sylvia The Bell Jar (re-read)
  44. Remarque, Erich Maria All Quiet on the Western Front
  45. Satrapi, Marjane The Complete Perspolis
  46. Sewell, Anna Black Beauty (re-read)
  47. Shelley, Mary Frankenstein – read 21st April 2018
  48. Steinbeck, John The Grapes of Wrath
  49. Stoker, Bram Dracula
  50. Spiegalman, Art The Complete Maus (re-read)
  51. Spyri, Johanna Heidi
  52. Tolstoy, Leo Anna Karenina
  53. Travers, P.L Mary Poppins
  54. Verne, Jules Around the World in Eighty Days
  55. Vonnegut, Kurt Slaughterhouse-Five – read 12th August 2018
  56. Walker, Alice The Color Purple
  57. Wells, H.G War of the Worlds
  58. Wilde, Oscar The Picture of Dorian Gray
  59. Woolf, Virginia A Room of One’s Own
  60. Wyndham, John The Day of the Triffids

So I’m pushing the boat out and attempting to read 60 instead! I know some of these titles may seem like questionable classics but for me they’re the books that have a “you must read this” kind of vibe. I’ll also keep updating this post with links to the blogs of each book once I’ve finished reading it. Here’s hoping that I can do this…

Beth Morley




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  1. Hi there! I just came across this post of yours and your blog in general and I couldn’t help but comment and tell you how much I adore your blog and love this post! Keep up the great work, I am going to follow you so I can keep up with all your new posts!

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