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Forever Means Forever // Helen Crook

Have you ever found someone who knows you better than you know yourself?

Someone you confide in, laugh with, cry with, and who you know if you ever lost you would be forever falling into a hollow miserable abbyss?

It may sound sad but actually it’s comforting, to have someone you can call your twin and know you’re closer than any biological twins could ever be!

Never have I had such a friend until now, and honestly now I feel more grounded, happy, confident, beautiful (only because she tells me every single day) and complete.

I wish I deserved her, and I pray I’m as much of an important person to her as she is to me, although I don’t think it’s possible. Because she is my rock. My gorgeous, protective, caring, loving, funny, intelligent, brilliant rock!

My bestie twin forever. And forever means forever.


The Second of Four Years // Beth Morley

This time last year I had finished my first year (the foundation year) of my degree and now I have just finished my second year. I am officially halfway through and amazed that I have even made it this far! However, my second year has been incredibly better than the first and even though this time there isn’t anything that I want to write about specific to my second year, I still want to document the year anyway as a kind of memory log.
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The First of Four Years // Beth Morley

9 months completed. I’ve already debated multiple times whether to actually post this because not a lot of people know about how I felt about my first year but I think it’ll be interesting for me to look back on in the future and it’ll be a positive message (trust me on this!) for those about to move away from home/start uni. Continue reading The First of Four Years // Beth Morley