Moonlight // Film Review



Director: Barry Jenkins

Released: 2016

Rating: ★★★★✩

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The Classics Club // Beth Morley

I heard about The Classics Club from reading various blogs and instantly the challenge became something I wanted to do. In terms of Classics, I am not well read at all, which is quite bad coming from an English Lit student. So here begins my challenge:

Start date: 3rd March 2017

End date: 3rd March 2022

I have currently read 4/50

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Tint of the Rose // Beth Morley

The hue of pink
a delightful illusion,
reality and hope on the brink
my mind a confusion.

The petals are misleading
far from me reaching,
the happiness I’m feeding
from the illusion it’s breaching.

Stem twisted and tangled
far away yet clear in my mind,
nothing but this rose, not yet mangled,
is the only thing I want to find.

Waiting but searching still,
with the optimistic sight,
that comforts and thrills
my downhearted might.

Ignorant of the now, the present, the living
that you need to take as a virtue,
‘It’s expected of the future for giving
better things’, gloats the pinkish hue.

Beth Morley