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The Adventure of You // Beth Morley

-to a best friend-

canvas adventures of musical nights, hazy moments of smokey times. when wHispering turns into giggles and higher they climb.

midnight adventures green in the dark, hills and woods you can tEll apart. a guide in the night by a vodka-filled heart.

sombre adventures induced by tears, a sadness we can only share. eLevating a friendship further it dares.

engine adventures closing the distance, spontanEous visits and summer heat. a house becomes a home, a new family to meet.

adventures of love we both find, questioNing how much it will cost? a shoulder, a hug you offer, I boast.

adventures of laughter closing our days, opening the door to the future ahead. a bond, a tie you offer, things that should never go unsaid!

adventures of a friendship, quite unlike anything that has ever existed.

Beth Morley



An Insignificant Splash // Beth Morleyย 

The pebble smoothed out by the pressures of “no’s” and “no one heard you”, 

A smoothness that creates a glaze of complete perfection. 

But a glaze is only a glaze. 

The pebble is placed amongst rocks, boulders, mountains,

The pebble is a speck, faded by the blanket of the clouds.

And a speck is only a speck.

Does anyone hear the pebble when it’s engulfed by the waves? Where the rock makes a splash, everyone knows complete awe. 

Forever Means Forever // Helen Crook

Have you ever found someone who knows you better than you know yourself?

Someone you confide in, laugh with, cry with, and who you know if you ever lost you would be forever falling into a hollow miserable abbyss?

It may sound sad but actually it’s comforting, to have someone you can call your twin and know you’re closer than any biological twins could ever be!

Never have I had such a friend until now, and honestly now I feel more grounded, happy, confident, beautiful (only because she tells me every single day) and complete.

I wish I deserved her, and I pray I’m as much of an important person to her as she is to me, although I don’t think it’s possible. Because she is my rock. My gorgeous, protective, caring, loving, funny, intelligent, brilliant rock!

My bestie twin forever. And forever means forever.

Friendship // Helen Crook

I love my friends as they make me strong, they help me see the beauty in myself and I need that.

Sometimes I feel weak, sometimes I feel down, sometimes I wonder why I’m here, sometimes I think I am hideous, sometimes I think I am not worth the time of others, sometimes I think I’m too loud, and sometimes I am sad.

My friends tell me I am strong, they tell me I am their rock and that gives me a reason to stay strong.

My friends tell me I am funny, they tell me I make their lives brighter and that gives me a reason to be bubbly.

My friends tell me I’m here to mother them and guide them, and that give purpose to my life.

My friends tell me I am here for them, and that truly is why I am here.

My friends tell me I am beautiful, and although I don’t believe them, it helps me walk with my chin held high.

My friends tell me I am a personable and approachable person, and that gives me the boost to continue talking to others.

My friends tell me I AM loud, but they love me for it, so I shall continue to shout!

My friends make me happy, and that makes all my worries melt away and so I can carry on barreling through life.

I love my friends as they make me strong, they help me see the beauty in myself and I need that.


The Mane of the Protector // Helen Crook

A lioness is fierce, a lioness is protective, a lioness is loyal, and a lioness always protects her cubs.

My cubs are daring, my cubs are bright, my cubs are gorgeous and my cubs could conquer the world.

A lioness will lead her cubs and gently direct them where they need to go, but also let them learn (and sometimes fail) so they grow to be all that they can be.

My cubs are my life, soul and reason for being, they teach me more that I could ever have imagined. For what would a lioness be without her bundles of joy, giving meaning to her life?
A mane of golden hair, I am that lioness, and I will always protect my cubs.

When does a bird gain it’s wings? // Beth Morley

The blackened words that spread over the page,
leak into the spaces not yet filled by meaning.
My words diminished by your dark totality,
the pure essence of truth you are speaking.

My words are fearful and reluctantly –
protected by the armour of a fettered cage.
Yearning for the oblivion of honesty,
where we can speak from the same coloured page.

The outbursts are unbelievable and
endearing, they are trying to offer a key –
that moulds to the intricacies of my chains and
endeavours to release, captivate me.

My words learning the safety of freedom,
constantly taught by your words – the motivation.
You are slowly releasing my honesty too,
beyond walls that are demolished by you.

Beth Morley

Girls on the Golf Course // Helen Crook

No man will ever know the closeness and love that we share, for we are soulmates, and forever a true family

My girls really know me like no man will ever really know or see

And they will be my girls, for now and forever

As they saved me. From myself and from my demons. And I know always will. Which is what makes them the truest, most beautiful, wonderful, caring.

Helen Crook

Belonging // Helen Crook, Chloe Jordan, Beth Morley

An ode to C-Nenny:

Bouncing from place to place in a childhood of neverending moods. Happiness and belonging. Words that were hollow but now as clear as the cloud we are on and the night sky we write this under.

Friendships that have blossomed into something more beautiful than words can describe.

Teaching the meaning of the word belonging and as a consequence, what it means to be truly happy.

Helen Crook, Chloe Jordan, Beth Morley

The Second of Four Years // Beth Morley

This time last year I had finished my first year (the foundation year) of my degree and now I have just finished my second year. I am officially halfway through and amazed that I have even made it this far! However, my second year has been incredibly better than the first and even though this time there isn’t anything that I want to write about specific to my second year, I still want to document the year anyway as a kind of memory log.
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To The Invisible Ocean // Beth Morley

You don’t feel like yourself,
unable to think, confused, there’s nothing going through your brain.
You can’t think of anything, nothing’s going through your brain.
In a slump, it’s infuriating,
there’s nothing wrong yet your mind can’t stop thinking
that maybe something isn’t right.
You can’t think, so you don’t know what’s not right.
Nothing’s going through your brain.

Everything that needs to be done, remains undone
and you don’t feel anything.
That’s a lie,
there’s anger but you can’t direct it.
It’s frustrating.
You want to shout at yourself to do something,
to do anything but nothing’s going through your brain.

There’s wanting to be the best you can be
but how can you be your own magnum opus when you don’t even know
what that is.
Knowing that whatever you do will fall
short of even satisfactory, you’ve fallen again.

You’re restless but you can’t move, what can you do?
Lightheaded but burdened by the threat of everything unknown,
it threatens it’s impending weight upon your head.
Your brain, your eyes and nothing is working.

You exist as two: one who is aware
and understands but is still incapable of achieving.
You’re trying but limits exist as barriers
taunting your potential.
You stop trying.
There’s the one that thinks this but also exists as nothing,
nothing is happening and nothing’s going through your mind.
You have no energy to not believe in yourself
but the thoughts still exist somewhere,
they’re just waiting.

By Beth Morley