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Sea Sounding Sigh // Beth Morley

Where did the time go,
I can’t really tell –
washed away by the remnants of an evening faded sun.

Walking along –
I believe – it did seem
ideal and serene, merely a dream.

Don’t close your eyes,
it will just fade away
into the darkness.

The darkness that is
the moment itself –
behind the veil of smiles the moment is dying.

For it wasn’t meant to be,
I guess that paths don’t collide –
I’ll pretend that I don’t mind

but I’ll remember the light of the evening and the sea sounding sigh.

Beth Morley

The First of Four Years // Beth Morley

9 months completed. I’ve already debated multiple times whether to actually post this because not a lot of people know about how I felt about my first year but I think it’ll be interesting for me to look back on in the future and it’ll be a positive message (trust me on this!) for those about to move away from home/start uni. Continue reading The First of Four Years // Beth Morley